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"School Presentations available till June"

"School Team RELAY Triathlon added in 2018"

"NEW Pre-Triathlete Dash- fun run for 5-7yrs"

"Kidsri Series winners to be honoured"

"Kidsri looking for sponsors for 2018 season"


4th Mar 2018

School Presentations

Paul is all ready to come along to your primary school and present to Key Stage 2 children on the sport of triathlon. It lasts about 15min and ends with a fun transition game. Please send the invitation to

18th Nov 2017

Call to all primary schools

The new School RELAY Team Triathlon race comes to the Kidstri events for 2018. Made for the 8-10yrs of age (age on 31st December 2018) a team of three children to represent their school taking one of the three sections over the Tristar 1 distances of - Swim 150m, Cycle 2km, Run 1.2km.

How it works.

1) Swimmers gets body marked with the race number.
2) The cyclist puts on the race number labels from the race pack on to the cycle and helmet.
The cycle and hlemet is placed in the number position in transition. 3) The runner has the Bib number attachd to their running top or triathlon race belt.

The swimming joins the other competitors going up to the pool, the cycle competitor waits at the TAG point area just before the entrance to cycle transition. The run competitor waits by the transition RUN OUT TAG area.
THE RACE: The swimmer exists the poolside and runs toward the cycle transition, TAGS the cyclist and takes of the Timing CHIP and puts it on the cyclist. They then proceed into transition and completes their section. After laying down the cycle and removing the cycle helmet runs out of transition to TAG the runner, again taking off the CHIP and placing it on the runner. The runner then completes the section finishing in the normal way.
A great way for those less confident to take on the triathlon challenge.

18th Nov 2017

Pre-Triathlete Dash

The new addition to include younger memebers of the family, the 5-7yrs children can join in this event free of charge just before the Novice 1 race takes place.

How it works

Children line up at the stat mark, the course is part of both the cycle and run courses, them GO . . . around the course finishing under the big inflatable finish. The race is only for the children parents please watch from the spectator area. There is no need to enter, no race numbers, no timing, just for FUN.

18th Nov 2017

Kidstri Series winners event

On saturday 25th November in Horsham the winners will gather for 3pm in The Barn in Horsham for the 2017 Kidstri Presentations. A time to honour the children that have worked hard on their training and racing. Pictures will be placed on this site for all to see on the following Monday. Congratulations to all those taking part.

18th Nov 2017

Kidstri Series Looking for Sponsors

The event dates are now in place and Hedgehogtri is looking for sponsors and partners to help ensure the events are FUN and safe. We can offer many options for companies or individuals to be involved with the Series.

 OW swim course
 OW swim course