Race Day Info

Event Race Instruction will normally be available two weeks prior to the race,please check out your event below and click on the google course map link for the routes.


PLEASE NOTE: Uckfield Aquathlon- please note that there is an update due soon. If you entered after 5pm on the 25th Sept the manual update of the system still needs to be done, so names may be missing. DON'T WORRY, please check back tomorrow after midday.

To check the full entry list on the TriConnect entry system please CLICK HERE

Print your RACE TICKET or load it on to your phone or tablet - A week before the race click on this LINK and find your name and click on the ADMIN number. You will be asked 3 questions to gain access to your Race Ticket that you can then download and store it,or print it off. When you come along to register we will scan this and then hand you your Race Pack - All done!
* On arrival just one adult and the competitor to attend registration.
* Please do not queue with the cycle.
* Present your 'Race Ticket (printed or on screen) to the member of the Hedgehogtri Team
* You will get a printed ticket, please check the details (name, DOB, race entered etc.)
* Collect your race pack
* Competitor to get body marked with the race number.
* Then please read the instructions in the race pack.


Kidstri East Grinstead Triathlon 21st May

Race Instructions, . . Google course map, . .

Kidstri Horsham Triathlon 18th June

Race instructions . . Google course map . . Day Licence Receipt

Kidstri Billingshurst Triathlon 23th July

Race instructions . . . Google course map .. .BTF Day Licence receipt. . . Email sent

Kidstri Uckfield Aquathlon 30th September

Race instructions . . . Google course map . . . Day Licence receipt

 OW swim course